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Custom & Ready-to-wear

Compression Garments

Compression Fittings from Certified Fitters

Along with bra and breast prosthesis fittings, A Perfect Fit's certified fitters also measure for ready-to-wear and custom compression garments. If you have edema, lymphedema, or have had a recent surgery, call us for an appointment to be fit with an appropriate garment to suit your needs.

Ready-to-wear Fittings

Our certified fitters measure and fit you for the appropriate compression garments. We can fit any arm, hand, or leg. We use several different manufacturers to ensure that you get the perfect fit. If you are an active person or travel long distances, it is suggested that you wear compression garments. Compression is not only for lymphedema or edema, it is also beneficial for those with varicose veins, venous insufficiency, or just general leg pain.

Custom Fittings

Not everyone fits into a ready-to-wear garment. For those who don't, we have a custom option. We can fit you anywhere from your arms and legs, to your trunk and face. All compression fittings are scheduled in the morning to ensure that the affected area doesn't swell more with activity. Call us today to see if you qualify for insurance to cover this item.